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Title: MonstroCity
Pronounced: “Monstrosity” combing Monsters and City
Developer: Alpha Dog Games
Publisher: Alpha Dog Games
Release Date: February 21, 2017

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Platforms: iOS, Android
Genre: Strategy, City Building, Action
Stores: App Store, Google Play
Price: FREE + In-App Purchases, Opt-In Ads for Gems

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Press: Shawn Woods

Business Development: Jeff Cameron

About the Game

Why is it called MonstroCity?

MonstroCity is a pun of the word “monstrosity” combining the words Monster and City. It can be pronounced “Monstro-City” or as one word “MonstroCity”, or however you like as long as you are enjoying the game.


Welcome to MonstroCity: Monster City Rampage! The wacky new strategy game of 2017! Play for FREE!

Fight the evil genius Dr. Spotnik with your monster squad in this epic city building strategy game. Build your squad of giant monsters and attack other players. Smash their buildings, crush their defenses, and then steal gold and power for your own crazy experiments. ROAR!

Collect rare monster DNA and create 17 different types of monsters to compete for victory against millions of players around the globe! Take up to five monsters into battle and unleash their monstrous abilities through swipe and tap controls.

Form a secret Syndicate Island with your friends and take over the world!

Your city needs you – download and start playing the best new strategy game today!


Breathtaking Graphics!
Experience epic battles in stunning 3D graphics! Witness the dazzling display of each Monster’s unique skills!

Monsters Inspired from Pop Culture!
Play with wacky monsters inspired by pop culture and use their unique abilities to destroy other cities. Bobzilla, Furious George, Torty Shell, Venus McFly, The Walking Dudes, She-Rex, and more!

Collect Your Monsterdex!
Collect and combine common to epic monster DNA to create different creatures. Collect them, train them and send them to other players for destruction.

Evolve Your Monsters!
Transform your 1-Star monster into a 10-Star monster through Monster Crystals and Mutagen!

Endless Fun!
Decorate your City, battle other Mad Scientists, explore the Single Player Campaign, fight in PvP battles, expand your Collection, evolve Monsters, and more!

Defend Your City!
Create a defense strategy, and build turrets and traps to minimize the damage from attacks by opposing monsters. Build road paths for your Police and Fire Trucks to drive on and attack monsters or heal your buildings. No walls required!

Compete in Massive Syndicate Wars!
Form a secret Syndicate with your Mad Scientist friends and battle others in 10vs10, 30vs30 and 50vs50 city wars. Donate DNA to the cause and create a massive Mechazilla War Monster to destroy your enemy! Your days of falling behind the arms race will be a thing of the past. Crush them all. ROAR!

Currently available in English only, other languages coming soon.

Note: A network connection is required to play.

Items are available for purchase in this game.
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You are competing to become the greatest Mad Scientist of all time! The Quantum Teleporter was to be your greatest achievement. After all, you have been creating giant rampaging monsters in your secret lair for decades. You are the master of the weather machine, the zap ray, and the super DNA recombobulator. Finally, you would have a convenient way to transport your brilliant monstrosities – there would have been no one to stop you.

You stepped into the most advanced machine ever devised and threw the switch. Energy surged through your body. A flash of light, and you were standing on the other side of the world – but something was wrong…

What happened? Standing before you was your exact duplicate. Then you learned the malfunctioning teleporter had created millions upon millions of duplicates of you before your hunchbacked assistant pulled the plug. At first, it seemed like a disaster, but then you realized it was the greatest single moment in the history of the universe! Finally, there was someone in this world who could challenge your staggering intellect: you.

Now begins the grandest game of all time. Cities will rise and fall. Monsters will roam the earth. Unimaginably powerful weapons will dot the globe, all so you can determine who among your duplicates is the Alpha – the ultimate YOU.

Oh, there is just one more thing: your minions are reporting that upstart “evil-geniuses” are taking up residence on deserted islands and in elaborate lairs around the globe. Apparently, each of them is vying to take over the world and their monster-fueled city states are rising up faster than human armies can defeat them. Nations are toppling. The planet is in disarray, and you’re the only one who can stop them – if you care.

Awards & Recognition

  • Wraithborne was featured by Apple on launch in November 2012
  • TouchArcade most anticipated game for November 2012
  • Pocket Gamer bronze award winner for Wraithborne
  • Google Play Store 4-star rating for Wraithborne



“MonstroCity is like SimCity meets Rampage.” – Shawn Woods

“We are combing a classic city builder with hilarious, wacky monsters on mass destruction.” – Shawn Woods

“As a teenager, I had so much fun destroying my cities and rebuilding them I thought this was a compelling theme for build & destroy game.” – Shawn Woods

“The strategy of controlling 5 monsters in battle is completely new in the build & destroy genre. Each monster has a unique ability, so squad composition and timing is critical to winning.” – Jeff Cameron

“In MonstroCity, every monster is a hero unit. They have to feel powerful and each has a unique purpose in battle.” – Jeff Cameron

“Our monsters are unique and each has their own strength like assault, tanks, support, melee, range, and fliers.” – Jeff Cameron


About Shawn Woods

Founder, Creative Director

Shawn has been in the interactive and games industry for over 15 years. Starting in the late 90’s in multimedia, he has developed many games across multiple platforms for the PC, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad, and Television Broadcasting. His background in art and animation was studied at Capilano University in Vancouver, Canada. He has worked on real-time strategy hits like the original Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War franchise, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, and Homeworld. He was also Creative Director for, a brain fitness platform creating new IP in the casual, social, and mobile games space. Prior to founding Alpha Dog Games, he was Art Director at Microsoft Studios Vancouver (renamed The Coalition).

Connect on LinkedIn:

About Jeff Cameron

Founder, Development Director

Jeff brings over 16 years’ experience in game development to Alpha Dog where he provides direction in studio management, technology and game design. In 2005, Jeff co-founded Gaia Industries, a New York City-based independent game studio focused on Xbox Live Arcade and downloadable titles where he created and directed games with Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Take Two and HBO. He has also collaborated in developing AAA console titles such as Homefront for THQ and led a programming team on casual Xbox Kinect titles for Ubisoft. He began his entertainment career in the late 90’s as a character animator developing new franchises for television.

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Team Members

Jon Wood – Associate Producer
Craig Gordey – Game Designer
Luke Rideout – Game Designer
Sam Robichaud
– Game Designer
Andrew Doane – Senior Programmer
George Hornmoen – Senior Programmer
Sophia Lamar
– Senior Programmer
Vincent Fellows – Programmer
Isaac Young
– Programmer
Sam Dinan
– Intern Programmer
Raul Carbonell – Senior Animator
Ji Hyun Kim – 3D Artist
Matt Englehart – FX Artist
Zita Lakner – Junior Artist
Chris Sproul – QA Tester


About Alpha Dog Games

Alpha Dog Games is a leading edge mobile games studio co-founded in 2012 by gaming and tech start up veterans – Shawn Woods (formerly Microsoft, Relic Entertainment, Vivity Labs) and Jeff Cameron (formerly THQ, Gaia Industries). Based in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, the award winning studio is at the forefront of creating original strategy games for millions of players worldwide. With a commitment to quality, both in the games they create and in the team’s quality of life, Alpha Dog believes great teams shaped from a collaborative environment is the key to building hit games.

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