MonstroCity Update 1.1.5 Release Notes

Halifax, Canada — November 28, 2017 — Alpha Dog Games upcoming feature changes and bug fixes for update 1.1.5 of ‘MonstroCity: Rampage!’ on the App Store and Google Play.

What’s new in version 1.1.5:

Storage caps have been modified for balance purposes.

Bank/Power Storage max level progression has been modified for balance purposes.

The newest addition to our monstrous team is the exquisite She-Rex.  Don’t let her pretty accessories fool you, she’s a brute in the field,  and when she roars, all the other Monsters step up their attacks!

Balance Update:

Some Monsters have been adjusted to reflect defense balance changes:

Benny Bunny
The cottontail has been holding out on us – his snacks still damage buildings, but other monsters can now eat them for a little healing. This will make him a favorite all year long, not just at Easter.

–          Ability now heals Monsters from a percentage of the ability damage

Jack A. Lope

Tunneling through Jack’s data, we realized the crazy beast was too gentle, now he really lets loose!

–          Ability damage increased in later levels

–          Monster stats significantly increased in all  levels


This Kraken was more of a tropical storm than a hurricane. After his spin classes he should whirl up a storm of destruction once he’s gotten into his groove.

–          Ability damage increased in later levels

–          Monster stats significantly increased in all levels


The king of the monsters now has no equal in pure power. Now all the Monsters have someone to look up to, as he reigns supreme from the rubble of his enemies.

–          Ability damage increased in later levels

–          Monster stats significantly increased in all levels

Rainbow One

Rainbow One is now much wilder in his rampage.

–          Monster stats significantly increased in all levels

Joining a League:

1) To join a league, start by completing one multiplayer attack.
2) At the end of this attack (regardless of victory or defeat), as long as your population count is higher than 10000, you will be automatically placed into an appropriate league based on the league level’s population range.

You will be promoted to a higher league or demoted to a lower league if your population reach certain limits for your current league (see image).

Can you create the best squad of giant monsters and defeat cities around the world? Are you ready to smash their buildings, crush their defenses, and steal gold for your own crazy experiments? Let the battles begin. ROAR!

Google Play:

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