MonstroCity Update 1.1.1 Release Notes

Halifax, Canada — July 31, 2017 — Alpha Dog Games upcoming balance changes and bug fixes for update 1.1.1 of ‘MonstroCity: Monster Battle Rampage!’ on the App Store and Google Play.

Bug Fixes:

– Full city edit mode (FCEM) & turrets with secondary fire can now be propering removed and placed with the correct icon displayed
– War Enlist overlapping scrolling issue has been fixed
– Daily Reward mutagen having no monster name
– Greyed-out monster thumbnails removed and replaced with transparent color images to save on memory and increase performance
– Level star images replaced with a single image (star and a number on top) to reduce memory
– Inbox popup background was switched to the newer window style for optimization
– Fixed disappearing background on Settings UI (when switching between panes)
– “Fusion III” should now be just “Fusion”
– Lab help screens now using the Daily Reward background reducing memory and increasing performance
– Fixed persistent Recharge Timer label which was showing up in evolution sequence
– Fixed Rocket, AA and Cannon turret secondary DPS strings in building info popup
– Fixed layout of Versus screen (giant, out-of-position text for “Current Rampage”)
– Increased Monster rotation speed in Monster Lab and Dressing Room for smaller devices (was sluggish)
– Added popup when empty ATTACK city is generated letting the player know a problem has been found and forces a restart of the game to ensure data display is properly restored. This ensures NO monster energy has been used.

Balance Update:

Furious George
Our grumpy gorilla wasn’t having enough of an impact so we increased his smash damage at later levels.

– Ability damage increased slightly at later levels.

Max Horn
Max’s charge damage was less than we believed he was capable of so we got him to really focus while charging to increase the damage at later levels.

– Ability damage increased slightly at later levels.

Crispin burned up the competition early on, but sizzled out later in the game. We fixed the flaming issue and it shouldn’t be a searing problem anymore.

– Ability damage increased to match turret progression at all levels.

Benny Bunny
Not to split hares, but we caught Benny Bunny eating his ammunition, which reduced his ability damage. He’s promised to stop and you should notice a difference.

– Ability damage increased slightly at all levels.

Dinky Kong
We may have disciplined Dinky too much,  he was scared to really go ape out there, so we had a heart-to-heart with him. Dinky should put more effort into his attacks now.

– All stats increased throughout all levels to a more balanced progression.

Jack A. Lope
Digging through Jack’s ability numbers, we unearthed how he could bulldoze entire structures with ease. We sifted through his stats and dredged out some damage so he doesn’t drill through the competition too easily.

– Ability damage decreased throughout all levels to a more balanced progression.

Squishkabob had spiraled out of control with the revolutionary destruction of his ability.  We slowed his roll to make it fairer for everyone.

– Ability damage decreased throughout all levels to a more balanced progression.

Bobzilla’s Blazing Roar was more of a lukewarm whisper. After some voice coaching, Bobzilla’s barrage is now strong enough to flatten skyscrapers.

– Ability damage increased throughout all levels to match ability.

Zap Gun/Charged Zap Gun
– Smoothed damage curve.
– Smoothed building cost curve.

– Smoothed damage curve (Cannon).
– Balanced damage curve (Flamethrower).
– Smoothed building cost curve.

Anti-Air Gun/Gatling Gun
– Smoothed damage curve (Anti-Air Gun).
– Balanced damage curve (Gatling Gun).
– Smoothed building cost curve.

Rocket Launcher/Anti-Air Rockets
– Smoothed damage curve (Rocket Launcher).
– Balanced damage curve (Anti-Air Rockets).
– Smoothed building cost curve.

– Smoothed building cost curve.

Stun Ray/Shrink Ray
– Smoothed building cost curve.

Police Station
– Smoothed building cost curve.

Fire Department
– Smoothed building cost curve.

Joining a League:

1) To join a league, start by completing one multiplayer attack.
2) At the end of this attack (regardless of victory or defeat), as long as your population count is higher than 10000, you will be automatically placed into an appropriate league based on the league level’s population range.

You will be promoted to a higher league or demoted to a lower league if your population reach certain limits for your current league (see image).

Can you create the best squad of giant monsters and defeat cities around the world? Are you ready to smash their buildings, crush their defenses, and steal gold for your own crazy experiments? Let the battles begin. ROAR!

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