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Is MonstroCity free to play?

While MonstroCIty is free to play, we do offer the option to purchase in-game currency (Gems) for real money. You can make these purchases through the game itself. These purchases are handled entirely by the iTunes store and Google Play in order to ensure maximum safety of your personal and financial information.

It is very important for us to give our players the ability to choose how they would like to play the game so every area of game is equally accessible to players as they level up, regardless of whether they invest in real money into it or not.

We hope this system provides the players with the freedom to choose which play-style suits them.

Do I need an internet connection to play the game?

Our games require internet access to provide multiplayer gameplay, social content and a window to the entire player community.

For an optimal online experience, make sure that you are connected to a reliable network with a strong signal. We recommend playing over WiFi, or at least a solid 3G/4G connection.

I have feedback/suggestions for the next update, where can I send them?

We value all feedback about MonstroCity. Please share any suggestions you have to improve the game.

You can share some feedback right in the game by going to… Settings > Help & Support and pressing the ‘Contact us’ button.

Alternately you can send us feedback via email to help@alphadoggames.com.

Our support team will happily pass along your suggestion to our development team.

Will MonstroCity run on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

We attempt to make MonstroCity playable on as many devices as possible. Since MonstroCity uses 3D features, this limits which iOS devices it will be playable on.

MonstroCity can be played on: All iPads since 2, all iPhones since 4s and all iPod touches since the 4th generation. Keep in mind that the relative age of some of these devices can make the game unstable, but our development team is constantly working to improve MonstroCity’s performance on any and all supported hardware with each passing update.

MonstroCity will perform best on recent tablets, as it is essential that we match new technology as it becomes available. This doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about users with older devices, but as a competitive developer we must make sure that we are at all times on the cutting edge of modern gaming.

If you experience difficulties on any of the supported devices please contact our support team with details of the problem and what device you are using.

Will MonstroCity run on Android devices?

At this time MonstroCity is not available for Android. However our engineers are hard at work and we hope to release an Android version soon.

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Why are my monsters asleep?

Taking your monsters into battle takes a toll on them and they need time to rest. Monsters have different stamina levels, some can fight in multiple battles before needing a recharge and some will wear themselves out after a single fight. You can set monsters to recharge in the Monster Center (Power cost varies by monster and level), but it will take them some time to recharge.

How do I get more monsters?

New monsters are created in the DNA Lab. You can combine 5 DNA together in the DNA Lab and you will create either a mutagen for an existing monster or create a new monster entirely. The rarer the DNA the rarer the monster, or mutagen you will create.

Note: You can gain extra DNA by destroying the following buildings when attacking:

  • DNA Lab
  • Monster Center
  • Weather Lab
  • Syndicate Lab

How do I make my monsters stronger?

Monsters can be leveled up(evolved) by collecting the mutagen required to evolve that monster. Select a monster in the monster center to see how much mutagen they require to evolve. Each monster has their own specific mutagen, mutagen cannot be used for different monsters interchangeably. Extra mutagen can be obtained by combining DNA in the DNA Lab.

What does a DNA's color mean?

DNA comes in 5 rarities each with its own color:

  • Green = Common DNA
  • Yellow = Uncommon DNA
  • Orange = Rare DNA
  • Red = Very Rare DNA
  • Purple = Epic DNA

Rarer DNA will create more powerful monsters, You can mix and match DNA in the DNA Lab to create new monsters.

Why can't I control my monster in battle?

Your monsters have a mind of their own and don’t like being told what to do. Although you can’t directly control your monsters you can use their abilities to redirect their attention where you want it. Monster abilities can be activated by dragging from the monsters feet to the desired target/direction, provided you have the required adrenaline to pay for the ability cost.

How do I get more adrenaline?

Adrenaline is generated whenever a building is destroyed, if you need more adrenaline destroy more buildings.

Syndicates and Wars

How do I join or create a Syndicate?

Before you can join a Syndicate, you must rebuild the Syndicate Lab! On your city map, you’ll find an old destroyed Syndicate Lab. Once you are City Hall level 3, tap on it and select “Rebuild”. Once the Syndicate Lab has been rebuilt, tap on “Join/Create” for the option to search for an existing Syndicate to join, or create your very own!

What is a Syndicate War?

A Syndicate War is a strategic battle between two randomly matched Syndicates. Both syndicates need to have the same amount of participating members in their syndicate and be of comparable strength. There are two phases in a Syndicate War:

1) Preparation Day: Once a Syndicate War has been announced, after being initiated by it’s leaders, you and your Syndicate will have 24 hours to prepare for the upcoming battles.Syndicate members should take advantage of this prep time to finalize any upgrades, review and update their defenses, donate DNA to create a War Monster and scout enemy cities.

2) Battle Day: When Preparation Day has finished, your syndicate should be ready to take victory! Each member can only attack twice during Battle Day, so make each attack count. If your syndicate managed to create a War Monster, you will be able to use the War Monster in One of your Syndicate War battles. At the end of the war the Syndicate that earns the most stars from attacking wins the Syndicate War.

Syndicate Wars are free to start and participate in, and online normal multiplayer battles, syndicates gets to choose if and when they would like to go to war. Syndicates do not have to participate in Syndicate Wars.

How many members and what level do you need for Syndicate Wars?

The only requirement is that a syndicate must have at least 10 members eligible for war. If you have left a syndicate while at war, you will be ineligible for a new Syndicate War, until the previous one ends. New Syndicate member cannot join a war that is already in progress.

Anyone able to join a Syndicate can participate in Syndicate Wars at City Hall level 3.

How do you win a Syndicate War?

The outcome of a Syndicate War is determined by which Syndicate manages to get the most stars during the war.

Winning at Syndicate Wars requires planning and tactical resolve. It’s up to you to decide how to make the most of your Syndicate members strengths. Chat with your Syndicate members, pinpoint optimal opponents, and make each of your attacks count.

Every Syndicate member who makes a successful attack during a Syndicate War will earn some loot at the end of the war, but only the winning Syndicate will receive the full war win Bonus.

Attack and Defense

How are medals calculated?

MonstroCity uses a medal system to match you with comparable opponents.

You gain medals by successfully attacking or defending against other players. The amount of medals you win or lose is based on the difference in medal count between you and your enemy. Remember:

  • If you win an attack or defense against an enemy with less medals than you, you will be rewarded with a smaller amount of medals
  • If you win an attack or defense against a player with a higher medal count than you, you will be rewarded with a larger number of medals
  • If you lose an attack or defense against an enemy with less medals than you, you will lose a larger amount of medals
  • If you lose an attack or defense against an enemy with more medals than you, you will lose less medals

In some cases, it’s possible to win or lose zero medals, such as from a revenge attack. This happens when a player’s medal count has significantly risen or fallen since the initial attack.

How much damage is required to win a battle?

In order to win a battle, you must win at least one star. Win stars by:

  • 1 Star = Destroy 50% of the city, or City Hall
  • 2 Stars = Destroy 50% of the city + City Hall
  • 3 Stars = Destroy everything (100%)

What is a Rampage?

Winning consecutive multiplayer battles will increase your Rampage score.

As your Rampage score increases you will be matched against tougher opponents, but the rewards will also increase.

Rampage score gets reset as soon as you lose a battle. Rampage is not awarded for Syndicate War battles, nor do they affect your Rampage score.

What does the Police Station & Fire Dept do?

When your city is under attack, police will be deployed from your Police Station and attack monsters.

Also fire trucks will be deployed from your Fire Department to repair damaged buildings.

Upgraded roads will allow your police to respond more quickly to attacks strengthening your defenses.

Billing and Legal

How do I turn off In-app purchases?

MonstroCity is free to download. We do however offer entirely optional “in-app purchases”. These purchases are never required to play the game, but can be used to enhance some elements of gameplay.

In-app purchases are paid for with real money, and are always clearly labeled as such. They’re accessible “in game”, meaning that the options to make a purchase are found within the game itself.

Important: You can easily manage the ability to make in-app purchases, adjust the password protection settings or, or disable the in-app purchases entirely through your mobile device’s settings. The way to do this depends on whether you’re using an Apple(iOS) device, like an iPhone or iPad, or a google Android device. Either way, the instructions you need are here:

Apple iOS device in-app settings

Google Android device in-app settings

Who processes in-app purchases?

Alpha Dog Games does not process payments for in-app purchases, or have access to any of your credit card information. That’s because the payment transactions themselves are completed through Apple’s  App Store or Google Play (depending on your device) via your personal email address associated with that account.

Receipts for these transactions are emailed to you by Apple or Google after each purchase (though please note that any post-purchase processes are controlled by Apple or Google and are subject to change by them).

I'm a parent how do I contact you?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

E-mail us at help@alphadoggames.com or press the ‘contact us” button above, be sure to include any specific details that might be useful, like what happened and when, possible transaction ID receipts, relevant screenshots and so on.

Privacy Policy

Respecting your privacy is important to us. Alpha Dog Games does not have access to any of your credit card information. That’s because the payment transactions themselves are completed through Apple’s App Store or Google Play (depending on your device) via your personal email address associated with that account.

We’ll also always ask for your consent when it comes to sending direct marketing messages to your mobile device. We won’t sell or disclose your personal data to third parties for their own commercial purposes. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

Terms of Service

The full details for our terms of service can be found here: Terms of Service

Fair Play Policy

As per our Fair Play Policy, players using unauthorized third party software will face disciplinary action, which could result in a permanent ban of your account.

Using “bots” and “mods” is considered cheating and we strongly encourage players to remove any aforementioned programs from their devices.

By offering this warning, we hope to give all players a chance to enjoy our games fairly.