Mad Scientists

Build and defend your city, then crush your enemy with Monsters of mass destruction! Defeat the evil Dr. Spotnik and his epic quest for world domination and steal his DNA to create new monsters.

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The wacky new raiding-strategy game from the makers of Wraithborne.

Monstrous Tactics

Create wacky new Monsters with looted DNA.

Play with Friends

Team up with other players in massive 50v50 syndicates.


Builder & Bulldozer

Loot gold and power to expand and defend your city.

Top of the Food Chain

Compete against millions of players around the world!

Compete In Massive
Syndicate Wars

Form a secret Syndicate with your Mad Scientist friends and battle others in 10vs10, 30vs30 and  50vs50 city wars. Donate DNA to the cause and create a massive Mechazilla Monster to destroy your enemy! Your days of falling behind the arms race will be a thing of the past. Crush them all. ROAR!

Choose Your Monster Squad


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Your Monsters Need You

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